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Murphy Bed, Fold-up Bed, Foldaway Bed, Foldaway Bed

Expert builders of hidden beds and flip-up beds known as Murphy beds, fold-up beds, fold away beds or foldaway beds.

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Meet the Owner

Texas Wall Beds owner, Renato Piña, has over ten years in the furniture industry. Specializing in wallbeds, also known as Murphy beds, Renato personally oversees the manufacturing of every wallbed his company builds. This policy ensures that you are getting the best quality in a Murphy bed at an affordable price. Texas Wall Beds caters to both consumer and institutional customers around the world, including fire stations, hotels, travel trailers and healthcare providers, like the Baylor Sleep Centers.

Worldwide Industry Experience

Texas Wall Beds has the experience of custom homebuilders to bring you the perfect way to convert that spare bedroom into a home office, craft room, game room, and more, and not lose that space as a guest bedroom. Our wallbed systems are easy to install in any room by surface mounting to an existing wall or recessing into a wall cavity. We ship worldwide! View Pricing Schedule

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Wall beds or Murphy beds are the best way for converting existing floor plans into multi-use spaces by using a small footprint of 16 inches, or zero floor space when the bed is recessed, and not lose any sleeping comfort. The wallbed or Murphy bed has become a major product for our company, which specializes in furniture grade units for the most discriminating client. Each system is custom designed to meet each client's unique need in configuration, wood selection, color, and hardware. Our prices are very competitive for comparable quality because we manufacture the Murphy beds or flip-up beds ourselves.

Our Guarantee

We don't sell beds, we sell comfort, and we guarantee it. Even with shipping costs, we can deliver our Murphy beds or fold-up beds to your doorstep for much less than comparable bedding at your local furniture store. We truly have The Bed for the Rest of Your Life! Contact us today!


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